DC Alonso



Special mention to authors who are no longer in the agency:

- Arturo Lóuga: Vampblade'98 (Action Lab)

- Douglas Franchin: Halo coloring book (Dark Horse), X-Men Blue (Marvel) and L'aigle des mers (Humaoïdes Associés)

- Ignacio Calero: Megadeth (Heavy Metal). On the part of your "Lucho", your memory will make us better.

- Juanma Aguilera: Athena Voltaire (Action Lab) and XCom2: Factions (Insight Editions)

- Sara Soler Ester: Comic Experience (with Sahit S. Tiger) and Dr. Horrible: Best Friends Forever (Dark Horse)

- Omar Francia: Doom Patrol (DC) and High Level (DC). He is not a Lannister.

- Unai de Zarate. Keep fighting, my friend!

- Yusuf IdrisAthena Voltaire (Action Lab) and Deadly Ten Presents: Blade "The Iron Cross" (Full Moon Comix)

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